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HQ: Rock Hill, South Carolina
Locations: Global
Size: 5,000 employees
Founded: 1983

"In my previous role as HR Director, Solutions Driven helped source several sales positions, including a Japan GM and VP Sales Americas, so I was familiar with their expertise. The role was a leadership position with P&L responsibilities, and we chose to work with Solutions Driven due to previous successes and ease of doing business. Solutions Driven approached the task aggressively, and we were very happy with the overall results. Solutions Driven have a great process and I would recommend their services to a friend or colleague."


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HQ: London, UK
Locations: UK
Size: 100 employees
Founded: 1991

"We had a need to hire a Commercial Partnership Lead who would be based in London. The role was business-critical because its aim is to secure target sponsorship income for BRC events. This is a significant revenue stream for the business and so the role has an important impact. We chose Solutions Driven to fill this role because of previous positive experience, and we were also advised by our HR department that Solutions Driven was the right choice. We did have a shaky start to this role, but Solutions Driven turned it around by working closely with us and delivered a great candidate. They were robust and client-led."


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HQ: Skokie, Illinois
Locations: Global
Size: >100 employees
Founded: 2016

"We were looking for a lead software engineer. We needed the right person and could not afford to make a mistake with this position; this person will build and lead a division of our company. Ultimately our reasons for choosing Solutions Driven came down to cost, positive interactions, and their belief in finding people who aren't in databases. Solutions Driven figured out what we needed and went off to find people, but in a collaborative way. We're very happy with the overall results. SD really cared about our company's future and took the time to understand our needs and fill the role accordingly. "


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HQ: New York, U.S.A
Locations: Global
Size: 600+ employees
Founded: 1964

"The requirement was a General Manager for our UK operation. We utilized the Solutions Driven team for a previous search and found success in the candidates sourced. Their process is very thorough in order to ensure matching candidates to the appropriate skillsets, as well as to find passive candidates. We were happy with the overall results. Solutions Driven narrowed the candidate pool down to 6 potential hires, and chose successfully from this pool . The team is very supportive and ensures they thoroughly understand the requirements and types of candidates you are looking for. Additionally, they have a strong process and keep you appraised of the progress. They also recalibrate the search as needed. "


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HQ: Vancouver, CA
Locations: Global
Size: 600+ employees
Founded: 1999

"We were seeking up to two Local Area replacements, and we needed higher quality candidates than we'd had in the past. Existing passive and recruiter methods weren't giving good results. Past experience with hires in Europe showed that Solutions Driven is a highly professional group who listens and deeply understands our specific needs, then seeks out candidates that fit well. We were very happy with the overall results. Solutions Driven really is head and shoulders above other recruiters in our area. They spend the time to really seek out candidates that are the best fit. They use objective criteria for screening. It's a real pleasure to work with the people at Solutions Driven."


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HQ: Parsippany, New Jersey
Locations: Global
Size: 200+ employees
Founded: 2005

"We were expanding our Global Data team to be based in Belfast, and needed two roles - a Senior Software Engineer and Head of Global Data. Our business is based on data analytics, so developing this department was essential for the business to move to the next level. We chose Solutions Driven to fill this role because they're professional, provide diligent service, are attentive, and really understood the needs and listened. They approached the task professionally, and were both supportive and knowledgeable. I would recommend Solutions Driven as they were professional, concerned and determined - they left no stone unturned. All interactions were friendly and pleasant; no one was pushy or tried to dominate what we were looking for. Our needs were at the forefront."


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HQ: Alva, Scotland
Locations: Global
Size: 200 employees
Founded: 2006

"Our hiring need was for a replacement for an existing position, which was a European sales role. This role was business-critical due to the large revenue volume it produced. We choose Solutions Driven to fill this role due to positive previous experience with them and their team. Their approach was very methodical and organised. They took the time to understand what was required before taking action. We were very happy with the overall results. Solutions Driven had a professional approach which delivered a good shortlist of candidates. They provided superb support throughout."


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HQ: Dunfermline, U.K.
Locations: Global
Size: 3,000+ employees
Founded: 2002

"We needed a very specific type of customer relationship manager to cover the development community in the North East of Scotland. The business had been under notable strain for a number of months due to the lack of a suitable candidate being found in this area. Feedback had been received via a wide variety of customer sources that this was becoming reputational for our organisation. Our HR team had good experience of working with Solutions Driven to fill previous roles. Solutions Driven were very proactive, very positive, clear and pragmatic at all stages. There was excellent communication throughout. We are very happy with the overall results. We worked with SD to bring the shortlist down to 3 candidates for interview, following which we were in a position to make a formal offer of employment which has been accepted. I'd personally be very happy to work with SD again."


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HQ: North Carolina, U.S.A.
Locations: Global
Size: 5,000+ employees
Founded: 1912

"We had a need for a new HR business partner/leadership role resulting from a recent reorganisation. Our prior experience with Solutions Driven was very positive, and I appreciate the structured approach to search management. It was a very challenging search and we are happy to have the role filled and will now be able to move forward with the continuing development of that leadership team."


HQ: Kent, UK
Locations: UK
Size: 1000+
Founded: 2006

"Working with Solutions Driven has been truly a partnership from day one. The SD team have worked with us to understand our requirements and using their Recruitment Process Intelligence principles, have created a recruitment process that exactly meets our needs and has become a core part of our business. With their help, we have been able to increase staff retention and reduce our temporary staff costs. The SD team are fully integrated within the team at Canford Healthcare and provide regular reporting and feedback at management level, plus a great personal service to each of our homes and new employees."

Stephen Aston
Head of Human Resources


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