Solutions Driven

Every company talks about their "why".
And we're no different.

Our main why is securing great people for great companies, getting businesses their dream employees and employees their dream jobs.

Aside from that, we also want to do good in the world. Making the planet a better place for our people and the next generation.

Taking that why into consideration, we’ve decided that for every appropriate referral* we receive that leads to a consultation, we’ll plant 25 trees in the referrer (or their company’s) name.

If that referral becomes a customer, we’ll plant a further 25 trees.

By referring Solutions Driven, you’ll not only help a business in its quest to find the right people, you’ll also help the planet.

And who doesn’t want to help the planet?

What's An "Appropriate Referral*?"

Solutions Driven has two main offerings: SD Search (filling niche or hard-to-fill roles) and SD Embedded (longer term projects where we become embedded in the business).  

We work with companies across the world in the Science, Tech, Engineering, and Manufacturing industries.  

For SD Search this is mainly in niche, technical, or senior roles. For SD Embedded, we work on a variety of roles and can also help with internal mobility, strategy, and market intelligence.  

We never work on a contingent basis, meaning we won’t compete with other recruitment agencies or internal teams, and we look for a high level of buy-in from clients.  

Our Promise to You

In return, we promise to use market intelligence, in-depth searching, and experienced recruiters and consultants to find the perfect hire and to complete projects to the highest level. 

Those aims have led us to a 97% right first time success rate in SD Search and to 89% of our embedded businesses extending or renewing their contracts.  

If this sounds like the business you’re referring, that’s the perfect referral! 

How Do The Trees Get Planted?

We’ve partnered with Ecologi to plant our trees.

Their community of over 24,000 individuals, families and businesses (and you if you successfully refer a new SD client) are funding a huge range of leading climate solutions, to one day be responsible for halving the world’s emissions by 2040. 

Refer a Contact

Fill out the information below and we’ll be in touch to let you know when we’ve contacted your referral. 

Are You Already A Solutions Driven Customer?

We have some additional benefits for existing customers. Get in touch with us to find out more about your options. 

1. What is an appropriate referral?

  • Contacts from companies in the STEM space, hiring for business critical or niche roles, or looking for an embedded recruitment partner.
  • These contacts can’t be current or past Solutions  Driven clients.
  • While you can refer contacts from other parts of your company, it can’t be from within your direct department.

2. How many trees are planted?

  • For non-SD customers, we plant 25 trees for a referral and 25 more trees if that referral becomes a Solutions Driven client.
  • For SD customer-referrers, we’ll plant 25 trees for every referral and 25 more trees if that referral becomes a Solutions Driven client. There are also financial incentives for SD customer referrers – get in touch for more info. (Get in touch here.)

3. How will I know if my referral has been successful?

  • Either way, someone from the Solutions Driven team will be in touch soon after you fill out the referral form.
  • If the referral becomes a client of ours, we will also contact you and let you know.


Success demands the world’s best talent.
We help you find it.