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2019’s best bits…(with much more to come!)

I officially feel old…

I’m going to say that line your parents say every year about how quick the years go?! But maybe they’re right after all….as this year has gone by really fast!

We’re proud of what we have achieved this year and I would like to take a moment to thank every client, candidate, supplier and most of all our internal team who have supported our achievements.

Sometimes I ask myself, have I achieved enough this year?

As CEO, I set my bar high – some would say too high….and sometimes I forget to stand back and enjoy the journey rather than worrying when I’ll get to the destination.

So, I thought I’d take a minute to talk about this year’s journey…and here it is….

Solutions Driven’s 10 Best Bits of 2019

1️⃣ Supported 78 active clients this year – most of which are multinational organisations and leading brands in their space! (Of the 78 clients, we partnered and supported internal Talent Acquisition & Recruitment teams on 58 of these!)

2️⃣ Placed (as at the 13th December) 346 business critical roles for those clients – some of which were really challenges given the spec and requirements! This is outwith ongoing projects we have with clients which would take the number to near 800

3️⃣ The roles we have filled span 32 different countries

4️⃣ 98% of the work we did was exclusive with clients – meaning they put their faith in SD to deliver…

5️⃣ …And thankfully, we achieved 96% (95.9% to be precise) right first time delivery from the first shortlist of candidates – we love this one!!

6️⃣ Delivered candidate shortlists for real challenging roles within 11 working days from kick off (on average, there were a few real toughies that made this a little higher, but let’s enjoy the average! )

7️⃣ As a team, travelled to 18 countries to meet clients (this is down from last year…we’re embracing video!)

8️⃣ Conducted 3397 hours of video calls with clients and candidates (and we’re able to analyse if we listened well enough or talked too much BS…thanks to the team at Gong!)

9️⃣ Implemented 6 new technologies to improve our internal efficiency and make sure we had a “cool tech stack” but more importantly to improve customer experience – thanks to Bullhorn for Salesforce, Zoom, Gong, Drift, Kluster and Outreach – with a few more to come next year!

? Drank XXXX amount of diet cokes…..yep, I’m too shocked to write the number I just worked out! Jeez!

To our clients and candidates, THANKS for choosing Solutions Driven – we know you have so many choices when it comes to recruitment partners, so we feel privileged you chose to work with us, so thank you, yes you!

We genuinely mean it….but don’t worry we won’t rest, we know we’re only as good as our last hire!

And finally, a big thanks to the Solutions Driven team, the SD Gang, the SD family – I’m very aware we’re only as good as our team and we end this year with what I think is the strongest team we have ever had.

I don’t say that just to make you all feel good, I say it because I mean it!!

I really look forward to next year to do it all again, achieve more, push ourselves further – we need to get to that destination, right?

Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

Onwards and upwards for 2020!

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