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Candidates are people, not targets

Many aspects of the recruitment process could be improved. Our content series Recruitment:re-invented looks at the ways recruiters, clients and candidates will benefit from a shake up.

Candidate engagement is one of the most crucial elements of any recruitment process. Top talent tends to be passive, and passive candidates need more persuasion and support than an active jobseeker. The best recruiters are able to select the right candidate and secure them using the client’s employer and candidate value propositions while also fine-tuning the offer to the candidate’s own needs and wants.  

Reinventing: Candidate engagement

Many factors, such as goals and aspirations, compensation, family and other commitments, play a part in a candidate’s decision to accept or reject an offer. Any recruiter who tries to either ignore these or mislead candidates into accepting an offer they know won’t work out long term ought to be ashamed of themselves. Ultimately, the client, candidate and the recruiter themselves suffers from poor candidate engagement – the client loses money, time, and a potential employee, the candidate is left to pick up the pieces of their career, and the recruiter’s reputation is blackened.  

Seeing candidates as targets rather than real people with real lives contributes to poor candidate engagement, but isn’t the only issue. Clients can sometimes be overly concerned with getting ‘bums on seats’, driving recruiters to push harder than normal to secure a ‘good enough’ candidate who isn’t an ideal fit. Both sides of the hiring process have to step back and think longer-term before making any hiring decisions. There are no winners in a process which does otherwise.  


The 6F approach

Solutions Driven’s 6F approach forms part of our 6S process and is specifically designed to engage passive candidates and ensure great results for clients.

The 6F approach takes into account the six factors which mean the most to candidates – fit, freedom, family, fun, fortune, and future. We’ve honed this approach over 20 years, and attribute a large part of our 97% right-first-time success rate to the consideration and care we show candidates as a direct result of this approach.

We’re committed to the 6F approach as a framework for success, and our CEO Gavin Speirs is letting everyone in on the secret during our upcoming webinar: Why Candidates Love the 6F Approach

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