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Getting Serious about Candidate Experience

candidate interview

Everyone in talent acquisition knows that candidate experience should be a priority, but candidates aren’t feeling the love. With only half of candidates receiving feedback ‘sometimes’ and fewer than a third of candidates being satisfied with their recruiting process, it’s clear that something has to change.

At Solutions Driven, giving candidates a high-quality experience that leaves them feeling positive regardless of the outcome is a crucial part of our process. Here are the stats your organisation needs to know about the current state of the candidate experience.


Candidates expect companies to be transparent about their employer brand, perks and incentives, financial performance, employee engagement and overall culture. They want to know information about the employer and what they can expect during the hiring process. Despite identifying candidate experience as a top talent acquisition priority, most companies fall short at communicating with candidates. Few companies are providing information, sending updates, and engaging with talent before they apply. This situation forces candidates to find information on their own.

Source: Cielo, 2018


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