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Hiring managers need more from the recruitment industry

If recruitment is working so well, why are multiple agencies hired to do the same job? Part of our recruitment:re-invented content series

Recruitment isn’t known for its client satisfaction scores. In fact, some hiring managers have come to dread this part of their role; engaging with recruiters is often seen as a time-consuming, frustrating and unsatisfactory process. How can a service which adds value to an organisation, brings in new employees and lightens the burden on internal team members be viewed so negatively?

Hiring managers deserve bettersd blog

Many clients have mixed opinions when it comes to recruiters. Sure, some may have strong, years-long relationships, but most clients are dissatisfied with their recruiters’ performance. Why else would clients engage multiple agencies to fill the same role? Pitting recruiters against each other in this way highlights the lack of trust and an expectation of failure. The scarcity of exclusive relationships serves to hammer home the reality that client-recruiter relations are no better than they were a decade ago. Why the reluctance to commit to a single agency? The fault now lies with both parties but began with recruiters. 

Having experienced a deluge of unsuitable CVs and time wasted sifting through them, clients chose to increase their chances of success by opening up the floor to numerous agencies at once. 

Reinventing relations with hiring managers

Building trust in any relationship can be challenging, but we believe that the best way to turn around hiring managers’ perception is straightforward: delivering what was promised every single time. 

Rectifying the mistakes of years gone by involves earning this trust; a thorough scoping exercise and frequent check-ins ensure that the recruiter is on the right track and that solid progress is being made. Arranging a post-hire call with clients can also help to learn lessons for the future about what worked well and what didn’t and reassures clients that their satisfaction with the end result really does matter. All we need now is for the rest of the industry to up their game too!

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