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SD at 20: It’s good to be different.

For the last 20 years, Solutions Driven have been at the forefront of innovation in recruitment across some of the most challenging industries and sectors in the world. We have developed a worldwide reputation for excellence, and have placed candidates in 53 countries across the globe.

Solutions Driven CEO, Gavin Speirs, is proud that the company remains a family business despite its global reach and Fortune 500 client base.

He says “It’s important to me that Solutions Driven remains true to its origins. My father Walter began the business to solve the numerous recruitment issues he had found while working for corporate businesses, including a lack of accountability and a poor quality of candidate being submitted to hiring managers. He believed there was a way to do recruitment differently when he began this company, and I believe that’s still true to this day. Together we have continued to drive Solutions Driven forward, and we’re expanding all the time. I’m really excited about what the next 20 years has in store for us.”

Our purpose is to ‘Hire Great People for Great Companies’, and this is something we instil in every new member who joins our ever-growing team. I’m passionate about changing the recruitment process for the better, and our focus on quality ensures that we’re one step closer with every hire we make.

Watch the video to hear Gavin explain why Solutions Driven is proud to be different, or read the video transcript below.

My name is Gavin Speirs, CEO of Solutions Driven. Solutions Driven are an innovative recruitment company that’s been going for 20 years. It’s a company that focuses and specialises on mid-to-senior hires, as well as on-demand RPO.

What sets us apart from other recruitment companies is a few things. One, our process, which is very measured and accountable. Two, our ability to place candidates in 53 countries. And thirdly, a team which speaks 16 languages in-house.

For me, people want to work at Solutions Driven because we create the right environment. Our promise to our employees is to create ‘a great place for great people to do great work’, so really an environment that stimulates this and allows people to grow and develop as individuals.

Clients want to work with Solutions Driven for a couple of reasons. One, we are accountable for what we do: it’s an industry where accountability isn’t usually talked about a lot. Secondly, our ability to really deliver and be measured on that delivery. Lastly, our innovative process which allows our clients to take confidence in what we do.

My favourite thing about Solutions Driven is the people. We’re really lucky to have the team that we’ve got. They’re a smashing bunch of people who genuinely care and are here for the right reasons.

If you have a challenging role to fill or require a recruitment outsource solution, get in touch with our expert team today.

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