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{Podcast} Creating a People Positive Culture in The Beer Industry With Brewgooder’s Alan Mahon

Talent Intel Podcast Alan Mahon

Most people would probably be quite happy if they could turn water into beer. But in the case of Brewgooder, they want to do the exact opposite. Or at least, they used to…

On episode 15, we talk to Alan Mahon, Co-Founder of craft beer Brewgooder, a beer company founded on providing clean drinking water to developing countries through their beer sales. In the last year, Brewgooder have changed direction somewhat, pivoting to a people-focussed company, rather than just aiming to provide clean water.

They’ve also launched “Work In Progress” their programme to fight racial injustice, both within their organisation and within the beer industry. Holding themselves to account, they create a yearly report to look back on their progress and see where they could do better. 

We also spoke about: 

???? What drove him to start a craft beer business

???? How *exactly* beer gets turned into water

???? How he plans to triple the company’s team size in the next year

✅ What being “actively anti-racist” means 

???????? How having a real purpose helps Brewgooder attract top talent

And much more…

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