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{Podcast} Ted Blosser, CEO of WorkRamp: How WorkRamp Created a Culture Where People “Skip to Work”

You know when you have a call with someone and come away with a sore neck after an hour of nodding in agreement? 

Or write 4 pages of notes to pass on to your internal team? 

That’s what happened to our Head of Marketing, Claire Murray, and Head of Growth, Nicki Paterson, when they met with Ted Blosser, CEO of WorkRamp.

The Silicon Valley CEO (Chief Enablement Officer) started WorkRamp with his co-founder Arsh Mand in 2015. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, by “empowering every professional to reach their full potential through learning”.

Ted appeared on our Talent Intelligence Podcast to discuss:

  • Creating a “culture of coaching”
  • What you do with $17m in funding
  • Challenging an established industry where the competition isn’t very good
  • And the 400 books he’s read…

Listen to the podcast here:

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Watch the video interview:

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