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What’s the big deal about business-critical hiring?

You’ve heard the term, and you know that some roles are more crucial than others for ensuring the wheels of your business keep turning. But why does business-critical hiring matter, and how can you ensure you get it right?

Making the right hire matters regardless of job role; the knock-on effects of a poor fit are well-documented. However, making a bad hire in a business-critical role could lead to even worse consequences than decreased morale, increased recruitment costs and staff turnover.

The Internet of Things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are upon us, and with that brings a shift in workforce demographics. Increasing automation may have some fearing for their place in this new technological world, but the World Economic Forum predicts that actually, around 133 million new job roles will be created that are more aligned with the division of labour between man and machine.

Understandably, these newly created roles will be hotly contested by companies seeking the best talent with the most experience possible. Data scientists, software and app developers, analysts, social media specialists… pretty much any role that doesn’t have a well-established route of progression and is in short supply skills-wise will become hard-to-fill in the near future, if it’s not already. In fact, 60% of executives state that they already struggle to keep workforce skills current and relevant in the face of rapid technological advancement. By 2020, the talent shortage in the US alone is projected to be around 23 million employees. The result is that business-critical hires will become harder to fill and company operations will be significantly impacted if suitable hires aren’t found.

Identifying which roles are business-critical for your organisation should be your first step, and next your main challenge will be to come up with a strategy to ensure these roles remain filled during the changes we’re seeing in the global workforce. Complacency isn’t an option, and real contingencies should be put in now to safeguard future operations.

Concerned about how your organisation will maintain its business-critical hiring quality? Contact us to find out how.

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