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{Podcast} Lavender’s Will Allred On Improving Candidate Outreach

Talent Intelligence Podcast Will Allred

Everyone talks about cold outreach in terms of sales. But you hardly hear anyone discussing how important it is for recruiters on the hunt for candidates.

Unless you talk to Lavender’s Will Allred. If you haven’t heard of Lavender, it’s a tool that helps improve your emails, encouraging the right people to engage with you, whether you’re in sales, marketing, or you’re a recruiter reaching out to top prospects.

Working in all those spaces, we were delighted to have Lavender’s Co-Founder, Will, on to discuss:

✅ How recruiters can improve cold outreach

✅ Why we need to let go of academic language in emails

✅ The problems around fake personalisation (cringe)

✅ How candidates can reach out to their dream companies

✅ His own experiences of trying to get hired

And loads, loads more.

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