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Seasons Greetings From The Solutions Driven Team

Clients, candidates, partners, and friends…

A quick message from me to say thanks for your partnership and support to date and to wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, however you celebrate.

2021 has been a bit easier than 2020 but it’s still been challenging for many, and the job market has been…interesting.

Despite this, the Solutions Driven team has grown by 40% and we’ve placed over 600 candidates in 27 countries. And we’re hopeful that next year will be even better.

So hopeful, our leadership team have put together an incredible Christmas dance to help usher us into the festive season.

Check it out below. ????????

Part of the reason we’re feeling so positive about next year is due to Recruitment Process Intelligence. We spent the last year creating and improving this category, and 2022 is the year it grows. We’re all so focused on providing more than just a role-filling service.

In 2022, Recruitment Process Intelligence is going to help us add even more value, intelligence, and market insights than it has before.

If you’re interested in the journey RPI has taken so far, I recently recorded a podcast looking at the first year of Recruitment Process Intelligence: how it started, how it’s going, and what we have planned for the year ahead.

But despite me being the one who talks about RPI, our team are the ones who execute it. They’re the ones who dig out the insights, who fill the roles, and who do it all with a smile, always willing to help clients, candidates, and their colleagues. Every single one of the Solutions Driven team has worked harder than ever this year and I’m so delighted we have the people we do onboard this journey.

So, as we all look to next year, I’d like to thank all of you and our team for what has been a difficult year, but also a positive one.

However you celebrate the holidays, I hope it’s peaceful, enjoyable, and restorative.

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