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{Podcast} How to Create a 3D Working Environment in Remote Times With Stratasys’ Andreas Langfeld

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Think of 3D printing companies and Stratasys are usually high up on your list. So when their EMEA President Andreas Langfeld said he’d come on The Talent Intelligence Podcast, we were fairly excited.

After all, Stratasys are one of the founders of 3D printing, starting out in 1989 (!) and their product has been used to create designer couture that exhibited at The Met and a car made with fully 3D-printed exterior panels.

So we sat down with Andreas to discuss all the amazing things Stratasys are doing and also:

  • Different ways of connecting with your remote team to achieve the same goals as in-person working.
  • Knowing when to let good people go
  • And dealing with the aftermath of Obama saying your industry is about to go big…

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