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Attracting High Potential Tech Talent - The eBook

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For as long as most of us can remember, tech has had a talent shortage. But in the last year, like many other industries, it’s gotten worse.  

Part of the issue is that over the last couple of years, tech has – out of necessity – exploded in many different directions.

As with most big changes, the pandemic forced change – thousands of start-ups were born as people lost jobs and saw opportunities in the new “stay at home and work from home” orders.

Take apps for example. In Q1 of 2019, there were 2.14 million apps available on Google Play. By Q4 2020, this number had risen to 3.15 million.

Companies Need High Potential Employees

With all this new technology being developed, companies no longer just need to hire for people’s current skills, they need to hire for potential tech talent.

What do we mean?

Well, take an e-learning business in 2019. At that time, they would have been going out to market and selling their product. Sure, many places were doing remote learning and they were probably doing quite well. But come 2020 and everywhere was demanding remote learning. Many other remote learning businesses sprung up and while the demand was there, competition was fierce.

  • Businesses needed people who:
  • Could cope with high demand
  • Could work to scale
  • Were able to respond to customer needs
  • Could gauge the market and ensure they were staying ahead of their competitors


They needed people who could multitask, could work on various projects at once, and could switch skills as they were needed.

But how do you hire for high potential tech talent? 

We look into it in our latest ebook, where we cover:  

  • The changes in the market over the last few years  
  • Why there’s a high potential tech talent shortage  
  • How to identify top talent  
  • And much more… 

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