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What Talent Managers and HR Leaders Really Want…

There have been so (so) many pieces recently about the changing face of recruitment and HR. Each one saying different things. But hardly any of them have actually spoken to more than one talent professional to find out what’s happening across the board. 

Because we work with companies of many different sizes and industries, we figured we were in a pretty good position to talk to them. So we sent them a survey – and the results are interesting.

Growth Growth Growth

Remember when the discussion was all about the huge recession we were going to have during and after the pandemic? Well our clients are all about growth. 

When we asked them what their priorities were for the rest of 2021, it was the biggest answer with 43% saying it was their top priority. 

Despite that only 6% said “building to scale” was their main focus when asked what would be the first business problem they’d fix. 

Keeping Top Talent

Unsurprisingly, the second biggest focus for 2021 was talent retention (24%). Unsurprisingly because employees leaving for other companies, being offered better salaries, or leaving for more flexibility and work/life balance is happening across the board right now.

In fact, when we asked what their challenges were going to be for the rest of 2021, 23% also put “Retaining Key Talents” at the top of their list.

Finding and Keeping Top Talent is Hard

Ain’t that the truth. 

42% of our clients said a “competitive market with less candidates” was their main business challenge for 2021 and 22% said if they could fix one business problem right now, it would be Human Resources.

While we can’t read minds, it seems like people want to grow their businesses but are being held back by a lack of talent or losing employees.

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