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“Everyone’s a Recruiter”. Takeaways From The Latest HR & TA Leaders Forum

Everyone’s a Recruiter

Since the beginning of 2020, we’ve been bringing HR & TA leaders together to discuss the pressing industry topics of the day.  

From diversity, to candidate behaviour, and changing markets, the topics have been wide and varied and each one is chosen by the forum.  

The most recent topic chosen was “Everyone’s a Recruiter” and how to embed that culture in your organisation.  

As many businesses find the hiring market increasingly tough — with top talent thin on the ground and reluctant to engage — they’re utilising their whole workforce to keep their pipeline strong.  

Whether that’s using internal referral schemes, bringing more of the team into the interview process, or promoting for key positions from within, recruitment is no longer just the domain of the talent team.  

Over 70 of the industry’s top HR & TA leaders joined us and guest speaker Johnny Campbell as we spoke through this topic.  

Because it was a closed forum, we don’t have the recording. However we have created a takeaway document covering the main topics.  

This also includes insights from 15 interviews with other recruitment leaders.  

Read the downloadable whitepaper here.

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