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Navigating A Turbulent Recruitment Market With Embedded Recruitment

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Working in recruitment is a lesson in how to deal with change.

On a daily basis you could be sourcing for a tech role, interviewing an engineer, or checking in on placed candidates. It’s also tough at an industry level. There are few sectors in the world that face upheaval like recruitment does.

Economic upturn: the hiring market changes
Economic downturn: the hiring market changes
LinkedIn launches: the hiring market changes
New tech allows us to work remotely: the hiring market changes
A new generation enters the workforce: the hiring market changes

All of those things have happened over the last decade. Companies have gone from accepting a “spray and pray” approach to expecting a more data-led approach from their partners. After all, as businesses themselves use intelligence to make decisions, why wouldn’t they want their recruitment to follow the same path?

And companies have had to pivot their hiring hard and fast many times. The most notable change has been the pandemic where many businesses ceased hiring in early 2020 then ramped back up quickly in 2021.

Through laying off people throughout the worst of the pandemic, and not hiring, companies found they were short on top recruiters when they needed them. They found themselves in a candidate driven market. 

Changing Conversations

There’s been a noticeable shift. Because there was a downturn in internal recruitment in 2020/21, companies now find themselves with smaller teams, a tough candidate market, and more challenging business environments.

Some are struggling to manage their staffing levels, while scaling companies can’t hire the volume of people they need.

Even smaller businesses are experiencing almost 10% attrition rates and finding it challenging to ensure they have the people their operations require.

Companies of all industries, locations, and sizes have been asking about what other services we provide.

• Can we help them with strategy?
• Can we assist in building their internal team?
• Can we help them scale after funding?
• What can we do to negate attrition?

The truth is that companies no longer just need a recruitment partner who does one or two roles for them. 

Neither do they need a fixed term RPO who will cost them a lot of money. 

As markets expand and contract, they need a partner who can flex with their needs. 

The need an embedded solution. 

So we wrote a book on it. Detailing how embedded recruitment can help your business navigate a troubled market, help you find the best people, control your budgets, and improve candidate engagement. Just fill in the form below to grab a copy.

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