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{Bonus Podcast} A Year on: Has Recruitment Process Intelligence Lived Up To The Hype?

This time (over) a year ago, we launched a brand new category – Recruitment Process Intelligence.

RPI was created to provide businesses with intelligence throughout the recruitment process and guarantee delivery of the right hire, first time, every time.

As part of the launch, we recorded a podcast, detailing exactly what RPI was and what it would achieve, both for us and our clients.

A year later and a year wiser, we grabbed CEO Gavin Speirs and sat down to revisit that podcast. We wanted to find out if our original goals had stood up to the test of both time and world-altering events that altered the job market completely.

In this podcast we look at:
– How the definition of RPI has changed over the last year (if it has?)
– What TA and HR’s main pain points are now, and if RPI still deals with them
– The importance of external talent acquisition
– Future plans for Recruitment Process Intelligence

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