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How the Talent Acquisition Model Will Mature

Is identifying, attracting, and retaining top talent a priority for you? Chances are it’s an important topic – high on your agenda. 


And that’s great to hear because we know how vital talent acquisition (TA) is to a business, and its overall success. 

But the path to talent acquisition maturity isn’t straight-forward. It’s no longer enough to simply fill vacancies. And there are a whole host of factors and moving parts to navigate in a space that never stands still.

If you’re an employer or recruiter looking for answers to these questions, and more, this document’s a must-read for you.


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Gavin Speirs
CEO | Solutions Driven

Alan McFadden
Head of Growth Operations | Solutions Driven

Dominik Nowicki
Talent Acquisition Manager | Sungrow EMEA

Marina Blanco
International Trainer & Headhunter | Learn to Fly


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How the Talent Acquisition Model Will Mature