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How Omega used Talent Mapping to fill a critical sales role

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Founded in Scotland in 1987, Omega Diagnostics is a medical diagnostics company focusing on global health, food intolerance, allergy, and now, Covid-19 testing.

Priding themselves on innovative solutions and products, they form strong partnerships with leading research institutions, commercial partners, and NGOs, and are now a global company, with a focus in the Chinese market.

Omega is a company committed to growth. In 2019, they needed to replace a confidential critical role in Europe. They needed to get the right person in, fast.


However, with their head office based in Alva, Scotland, they felt they didn’t have the relevant information on the market in their chosen location. 

In addition, they operate in a niche industry where talent is usually passive. Omega realised they needed more insight into exactly what they needed, what they’d have to pay, and what talent was like on the ground.


Having previously worked with Solutions Driven, they were aware of our Talent Mapping service. 

They reached out to request a talent map focused on the availability of candidates for this specific role in
the European market. When that was completed, Omega engaged the Solutions Driven team to complete the hiring process on their behalf. Leveraging the insights from the Talent Mapping exercise, the team efficiently presented a longlist of candidates subsequently refining it into a shortlist within the established time frame. From the shortlist of candidates Omega picked one perfect candidate.


“We knew from previous experience that Solutions Driven
could deliver. We received superb support throughout
and invaluable insights.”


Jag Grewal
Commercial Director, Omega


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