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Boardrooms lacking diversity are named and shamed

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The UK government remain focused on increasing diversity within some of the biggest companies in Britain.

Ten of the largest corporations in the UK have yet to appoint any female board members. While not illegal, by publishing the review into which businesses are focused on increasing diversity and which are ignoring calls to improve the UK government are helping to highlight the need for businesses who ignore diversity issues to be held accountable by consumers.

Government ‘names and shames’ companies falling short on gender diversity in the boardroom

Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct and troubled Stobart group have been singled out for having all-male boards as a government review warned that Britain’s biggest companies are on course to miss gender diversity targets. The findings, part of the Hampton-Alexander Review of FTSE 350 businesses, shame ten companies that have yet to appoint a woman to the top table.

Solutions Driven are focused on helping companies to increase the diversity and inclusion within their organisation by working closely with GenAnalytics, a research consultancy focused on the application of data analytics to drive business performance through greater diversity and equality in the workplace. In association with GenAnalytics, Jane Gotts, Director at GenAnalytics, and Sooz Kinsella, Marketing Leader at Solutions Driven, are hosting a new webinar to review the key issues employers are experiencing while developing and implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy.


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