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David Cancel, CEO & Co-Founder, Drift: How Drift Plan To Be The New Face of Corporate America

David Cancel Interview Diversity Inclusion and Culture

A quick glance at the Comparably Awards for 2020 tells its own story. Winner of ‘Best CEO’. Winner of ‘Best CEO for Women’. And winner of ‘Best CEO for Diversity’. And that’s just the awards David Cancel won personally. How about Drift also being the winners of ‘Best Company for Diversity’, ‘Best Company Culture’ and ‘Best Work/Life Balance’ and several more? It’s for these reasons I’m excited to share this episode with you.

In Episode #2 of ‘The Talent Intelligence Podcast’, I sit down to learn more about David Cancel’s Latino upbringing, his challenges growing up as a kid in the Bronx not speaking any English, through to how he got started in tech and how this journey helped to shape what Drift looks like today growing to over 400 staff in only a few years.

We also chatted about Diversity & Inclusion to discover how Drift are creating a truly inclusive culture and how they’re continually measuring that. We also chatted about how to create and maintain a high performing company culture when your staff are all remote, how to recruit remotely, how to attract and retain staff, and what’s going on with the lack of VC funding for minority races.

And with Drift recently announcing they’ve become a ‘Digitally First’ company, we learn more about what that really means and why ‘Conversational Spaces’ are the future for Drift’s existing global offices.

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