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Solutions Driven Launch Commitment and Pledge to Diversity and Inclusion in a Bold Plan to Tackle Inequality in the Workforce

Diversity and Inclusion Solutions Driven
  • On the 17th February 2021 the recruitment firm Solutions Driven launch their diversity promise
  • The promise includes actions, commitments and a plan to create a fairer workforce
  • They will be working with peers, employees and their clients to imbed diversity into their processes and create inclusive cultures
  • Showcasing their commitment to a workforce that is about every voice, not just some, their promise lays out the journey they will be taking and the change they hope to bring to businesses.

17th February, 2021

With diversity and inclusion being the biggest workforce conversation, many businesses have great intentions but fall short of tangible action. To avoid this, Solutions Driven launch their diversity promise, pledging their commitment and time to addressing inequality in organisations.

Their plan includes educating their own employees with interactive workshops and training, hiring a Chief Diversity Officer, providing resources including e-books and podcasts with leaders in the diversity space and offering consultancy services to their client base.

During the summer of 2020 the news and social media was dominated by toppling statues, global marches and George Floyd. It was a time when businesses promised to do more and be better. However, the news cycle has moved on and other topics dominate our headlines, however, Solutions Driven have laid out their promise to do more than just talk about it.

Speaking about why he felt this was important, Solutions Driven CEO Gavin Speirs said, “As a valued recruitment partner, we have a huge part to play with diversity. An opportunity to make an impact, educating clients and the market on how to make a difference in this space, allowing us to offer value and support through workshops, content and collateral.”

With so many businesses struggling to attract diverse talent, retain that talent and even have conversations internally about diversity and inclusion challenges, the Solutions Driven promise comes at a much needed and critical time. Their CEO went on to emphasise that “not many recruitment organisations our size are doing this, but I think it’s critical for our future success, and to assist with widely promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion.”

Data and research overwhelmingly proves that diversity within businesses is at a critical point. White people are 74% more likely to be successful in job applications than those from ethnic minorities, if you’re from a black, Asian or minority background you need to send out 60% more job applications to get a positive response and people with disabilities face an unemployment rate 80-100% higher than non-disabled workers.

Extensive research has also been done to prove that more diversity means better financial returns. The top companies for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to gain financially while the top companies for gender diversity are 21% more likely to have better profits.

Discussing her appointment as Chief Diversity Officer at Solutions Driven, Salma El-Wardany said she was “thrilled to be working with a business so dedicated and forward thinking in their approach and one that was prepared to do more than pay lip service to the diversity issue we all face.” She went on to emphasise that “diversity is everyone’s responsibility and it’s great to finally see an organisation have the courage to step up and do something about it.”

Chief Diversity Officer, Salma El-Wardany

You can read Solution Driven’s full diversity promise here.

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