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{Podcast} Nicky O’Brien, McCurrach: Why Diversity Discussions are Vital, and What Can be Learned From Reverse Mentoring

In episode 4 of the Talent Intelligence podcast, we’re joined by Nicky O’Brien, FCIPD and HR Director at McCurrach Ltd.

Nicky has worked in the HR and Talent space for over 20 years, and has been a continual champion of diversity. While data on diversity is important to McCurrach and Nicky, they’re also focused on conversations around diversity – holding round tables, events, and mentoring programmes where participants are encouraged to be open and honest. They even have a “Diversity Taskforce” run by volunteer members of the team. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we spoke about:

  • How the pandemic has affected diversity at McCurrach
  • Bringing men into the diversity conversation
  • How a majority female board affects the company’s performance
  • The one strange thing Nicky does when she enters a supermarket…

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