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Self-Care and Hiring Success: Exploring the Surprising Link With Angela Shell

The hiring industry is committed to delivering the perfect match between clients and candidates. The pressure to achieve ideal outcomes can lead to overworking, and ultimately neglecting personal well-being.

So for this episode of the Hiring Enablement Podcast, we delve into the often overlooked connection between self-care and hiring success with the HR Director of Omni Technologies, Angela Shell.

As an advocate herself, Angela believes in the significant impact of self-care on achieving the best results. That said, she founded “The HR Happy Place,” a platform dedicated to mitigating burnout in contemporary workplaces.

Tune in as Angela sits down with host Gavin Speirs to take us into:

  • How self-care positively influences candidate experience
  • Strategies to enhance workload management while maintaining candidate-centric approach
  • How self-care improves decision-making
  • How better self-care leads to better leadership
  • Striking a balance between personal well-being and an effective hiring process
  • And more!

Tune in to the podcast:

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