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{Podcast} Gong’s Wendy Harris: Why Hard Work Beats Talent

Talent Intelligence Podcast Wendy Harris

How many times have you heard people talking about their failure stories on LinkedIn? Or discussing how important hiring top talent is?

Well, if you’re Gong’s Wendy Harris, perhaps too many times. Because for Wendy, she’d much rather hear about people who have succeeded than failed. And she’d prefer to hire someone with less talent and a greater work ethic, than the other way round.

That’s just one of the areas we covered when Wendy appeared on The Talent Intelligence podcast. As users (and superfans) of Gong, we were delighted when Wendy agreed to come on and talk to us about talent, her working life, and:

  • What it’s like to go through 30+ interviews for a job at Goldman Sachs
  • Why you don’t always need “a plan”
  • The importance of leadership setting an example for *not* working too hard
  • The importance of knowing you’re making an impact at work
  • And much more

Listen to her talk to our Global Head of Business Growth, Nicki Paterson below.

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