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Healthy Hiring is Productive Hiring With Charmaine Erica

Finding and retaining top talent is essential for organizational success. By taking a holistic approach focused on understanding candidates and crafting value propositions that speak to both professional goals and personal well-being, companies can drive hiring success through positive, productive relationships.

On this episode, we explore best practices for HR leaders to champion diversity, inclusion, work-life balance, and mental health support throughout the hiring process, ultimately creating a workforce that thrives.

We’re pleased to welcome Charmaine Erica, VP of People and Culture at Logpoint, joining us for this episode of the Hiring Enablement Podcast . Logpoint is a cybersecurity leader operating globally, guiding organisations through rapid changes that often include mergers and acquisitions.

With over 15 years driving the people agenda at fast-growing tech companies, Charmaine brings invaluable experience ensuring healthy hiring and retention practices that enable organisations and employees alike to thrive through turbulent times of growth.

Charmaine discusses with host, Gavin Speirs….

  • How HR and leaders can align candidate needs and organisational goals to ensure a symbiotic relationship enhancing productivity and well-being
  • How companies can craft a compelling value proposition that both attracts and nurtures mental health and overall satisfaction.
  • Fostering work-life balance for a more productive and content workforce
  • How companies can rise emphasis on social responsibility, ultimately leading to heightened productivity and positive societal impact
  • How HR and TA leaders play a proactive role in supporting employee mental health during the hiring process, driving productivity through genuine care and understanding
  • Charmaine’s key learnings throughout her career

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