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Remote Working: Is It an Expectation, a Luxury, or a Need With Kristine Pollock

As the workforce landscape continues to shift, remote working has stirred some interesting discussions. The adoption of remote work has become a notable trend in today’s workforce, providing opportunities for flexibility and access to a wider talent pool.  

Nevertheless, it introduces challenges such as maintaining team cohesion, accountability, and addressing feelings of isolation among remote employees.  

Striking a balance between these advantages and challenges is essential for organisations to thrive in the evolving work environment. But how exactly do we do that? 

International Logistics Group Ltd‘s Head of Human Resources, Kristine Pollock, joins us in this episode of the Hiring Enablement Podcast with host Gavin Speirs.

With Kristine’s impressive background spanning over 30 years in HR across diverse sectors, she takes us into the world of remote working in today’s ever-changing workforce landscape.

Key Takeaways:  

  • Defining remote work within the context of expectations, luxuries, and necessities
  • How employees perceive remote work
  • The benefits of remote working in an employer’s standpoint
  • Effective strategies to overcome challenges that organizations encounter when implementing remote work options
  • The balance between accommodating individual preferences for remote work while meeting the business’s needs
  • And more!

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