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Introducing Hiring Enablement: How to hire more efficiently and effectively, first time, every time

By Gavin Speirs, CEO, Solutions Driven

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Three years ago, we launched Recruitment Process Intelligence (RPI), to describe how we do things at Solutions Driven.

It was created to address the issues the recruitment market was then facing when interacting with external partners: a lack of accountability, not enough quality candidates, underuse of intelligence and data in the hiring process.

All leading to bad hires, wrong fits, and money wasted.

Last year, we implemented a sales enablement team at Solutions Driven to help our team improve their sales strategies, processes, and use of tools and technology. This made us look at how other sectors and functions were improving their efficiency. Since then, the idea of enablement in hiring has been playing in the back of my mind.

At the time, I even bought the domain as I knew there was something there: businesses needed more than just recruitment. They needed the right hires first time, every time, but also the tools, the processes, and the resources to improve their hiring strategy and work more efficiently with companies like us.

The Main Hiring Challenges

Since then, I’ve been doing some research. Looking into why people use Solutions Driven as a recruitment provider, and what challenges cause them to contact a business like ours. It became overwhelmingly clear that while day-to-day pain points change, many hiring teams, regardless of their scope, were suffering from three global issues – hiring insanity, hiring execution, and hiring inequality.

Hiring Insanity

Even when organisations are struggling to hire, the vast majority continue to do the same the things, use the same processes and partners…and expect, hope, pray for different results.

Hiring teams don’t realise how much hiring has changed and don’t use data to drive decisions and improvements.

Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes. That’s hiring insanity.

Hiring Execution

There’s a global issue where organisations are unable to always hire the talent they want and when they need it. 

As a result, they fall behind with their business/profit plans.   

Because of a lack of hiring execution. 

Hiring Inequality

Every organisation talks about diversity being a major focus.

But many don’t know where to start in hiring diversely or scoping out new talent pools. And many don’t know to remove unconscious bias from their hiring process. which could be impacting opportunities and growth for talent.

They suffer from hiring inequality.

Businesses needed new hiring strategies, something with a broader scope than contemporary recruitment covered.  It got me thinking about sales enablement again.  

20 years ago, sales enablement was created to provide sales teams with better processes, resources, tech and tools to improve their sales strategies. It seemed to me like hiring was at a similar juncture.  

Companies needed a better strategy, encompassing tools, tech, processes, playbooks, insights, and content to better enable their hiring process – so whatever type of recruitment was being carried out, they got the right hires, first time, every time.   

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Sales Enablement to Hiring Enablement

Companies have different approaches to sales enablement – but an approach, a structure, a mindset, and a process is sales enablement.     

The same applies to hiring.   

Yes. Businesses still suffer from a lack of hiring execution, inequality and insanity. But they’re evolving…Organisations are keen to learn, look at best practise that helps them.  They want support from more than just filling roles and they want to learn and be better.  

They want to be enabled.  

The phrase “Hiring Enablement” kept coming back into my mind. Yes, Recruitment Process Intelligence explained how we achieved hiring success, but it didn’t encompass what we did. Hiring Enablement does.    

It’s not a total change. RPI still describes the processes and frameworks we use to guarantee the right hire first time, every time. Rather it’s an evolution, capturing everything that’s needed to make hiring effective from hiring teams to recruitment partner.  

Businesses Needed Hiring Enablement to cope with the changing recruitment landscape and hire more efficiently and effectively.  

Businesses Needed Hiring Enablement

For the last few months, I’ve ran the concept of hiring enablement past our team and some of our key clients – and it really resonates. Here’s how I’ve been describing it:  

Hiring Enablement, created by Solutions Driven, is a revolutionary recruitment approach that delivers 97% right first time hiring success. 

It’s our proprietary hiring strategy our team uses to hire more efficiently and effectively. All while providing hiring teams with the right resources, tools, technology, playbooks, and insights. 

I won’t call myself a writer, but my research tells me it covers all the bases of what businesses need from hiring partners in the current recruitment world.   

Hiring managers and business leaders no longer just need help when it comes to problem hires. They no longer just need a recruiter to find the right people for roles.

They need to be enabled to improve their own processes, spot when their hiring execution is going off-track, and know when they’re operating on hiring insanity, failing to execute the right strategy, or failing in their equality goals.

With hiring enablement, recruitment has the opportunity to do what sales did 20 years ago: not just selling or hiring, but improving processes hire-by-hire, utilising data and intelligence to raise standards, and providing tech and resources to operate more efficiently and effectively.

The Solutions Driven Team and I believe Hiring Enablement is the future. We hope you’ll join us on this journey.

Gavin Speirs

Gavin Speirs,

“Chief Enablement Officer”

Want to find out how Hiring Enablement can help your team hire efficiently and effectively, first time, every time?

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