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12 Month Guarantees – In this Market??

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One of the most frequent conversations we have at Solutions Driven is around our 12 month guarantee on placements – if someone leaves a role within 12 months because of something we could have done, we’ll fill that role again for free. In an industry where contingent (by chance) is the norm and employees are moving jobs constantly, some see it as risky on our part. So why do we do it?

Picture the scenario. You’ve spent months searching for a vital hire. No dice. So you bring in a contingent recruitment company and spend a large amount of money to secure the right person. Your new employee fits in well at the beginning, but as time goes on, you realise they don’t actually have the skills or qualifications to carry out the role and you need to let them go.

They’ve been with the company for more than 90 days – outwith your recruitment partners’ guarantee – so you’re right back to the beginning. And you’ve lost three months.

You’d be within your rights to be a bit annoyed that your recruitment company didn’t pick up on the disconnect during the hiring process. But there’s nothing you can do. 

Every internal team’s worst nightmare, right?

Workers Are Moving On

Anecdotally, companies are telling us that more people are quitting their jobs right now than ever before. And the stats back that up. In November 2021, a record number of Americans left their jobs (4.3m) while the number of people in the UK leaving their jobs in Q4 2021 was 37% higher than Q4 2019. 

While this might seem good for those looking for new employees, it also coincides with a huge number of job openings. That means that candidates currently know their worth and are less concerned about turning down a role or moving on if something isn’t for them.

12 Month Guarantees? Really?

With the market the way it is, people continually ask us why on earth we’re offering 12 month guarantees on positions. It’s something we’ve always done, sure in the knowledge that when we put someone in a position, they’re right for the role and they’re going to stick around.

And right now, it’s something businesses need more than ever.

Hiring Reactively Hurts Your Talent Strategy

After all, if your team is stuck hiring reactively all the time, they’re not able to plan ahead. They can’t work on development plans, organise internal mobility strategies, or look at backfilling. With markets changing constantly and global conflicts making economies volatile, recruitment needs to be agile and flexible – something which is much harder if valuable time is completely taken up with filling roles.

But what’s in it for us?

Our success is linked to our clients’ success. We rarely just fill one or two roles for clients. When our clients grow, they come to us to fill the business critical positions they need to fill to continue their success. That means if we get the right people in, first time every time, our clients have more chance of hitting their goals and needing us again in the future.

And our team are experienced and curious. No one wants to work on the same role more than once, so they do everything in their power to get it right first time.

We expect full buy-in from clients to ensure that we’re all aligned from the beginning. That way, we know exactly who you want, what skills they have, and how their personality needs to fit into your organisation.

Providing Confidence In Your Brand

Consider it this way. How many times have you been contacted by recruiters multiple times about the same role, often months apart? Does that give you confidence in that company?

Your brand is one of the most important assets you have when it comes to hiring. Candidates want to be confident they’re joining a mature company where their best interests and future career will be considered.

According to Glassdoor, 77% of candidates will consider a company’s culture before applying for a role there – and there’s evidence that this number has risen considerably with the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re searching for a top talent in a key role, the chances are the talent pool will be small. If you have to re-do a search within a few months, the recruiter has already probably reached out to most of your talent pool. And you’ve either rejected them or they’ve rejected you – neither of which is a good way to start off a search the second time around.

Right first time is vital when it comes to important hires. 

That’s why we provide our 12 month guarantee. Frankly, if we put someone in the role and they don’t last longer than three or four months, we hired the wrong person or we didn’t understand a client’s requirements at the start.That’s why we provide our 12 month guarantee. Frankly, if we put someone in the role and they don’t last longer than three or four months, we hired the wrong person or we didn’t understand a client’s requirements at the start.

Process-Driven Recruitment

But how can we be so confident we won’t spend all of our time doing free reworks with a 12 month guarantee in a market like this?

Recruitment Process Intelligence. RPI is the processes and data intelligence we use to get the right people for the right roles, first time, every time. It consists of three core processes. The 6S Process, 6F Methodology, and Hiring Intelligence.

6S Process

A proven process and framework that guarantees the right hire, first time.

  1. Scoping
  2. Scorecarding
  3. Sourcing
  4. Selecting
  5. Securing
  6. Satisfying

6F Methodology

Our proven approach to finding the right candidate and client fit every time.

  1. Fit
  2. Freedom
  3. Family
  4. Fulfillment
  5. Fortune
  6. Future

Hiring Intelligence

Identify, engage and attract future talent and position your hiring team for success. Detailed reports and market insights into talent pools and locations your team can’t normally access.

Want to find out how our 12 month guarantee works in practise? Get in touch with our team for a confidential discussion on how we can assist with your hiring.

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