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Bottom Line Boost: The Power of Strategic Talent Acquisition for ROI With Dan Caines

In many organisations, Talent Acquisition (TA) functions are primarily measured on their ability to make hires.

However, with a well-structured and executed strategy, the Talent Acquisition function can bring profound business impact and ROI (Return on Investment). How do we make that happen?

This episode’s guest, Dan Caines, brings extensive recruitment experience since 1999, specialising in various sectors, including media, IT, consulting, business services, and MedTech and is now the Global Head of TA at Nortal.

Dan is also known for his impactful work at Sky and his role in rapidly growing a company from 300 to 1600 employees in two years!

Together with host, Gavin Speirs, Dan delves into how a strategic approach to talent acquisition can drive real results for your organization. Plus…

  • Overcoming the struggle in aligning TA with business goals to impact ROI positively
  • Shifting from a reactive to a proactive Talent Acquisition approach
  • Strategies to set and achieve ambitious ROI-driven goals
  • Using data and metrics to have a clear roadmap for improving the bottom line through strategic Talent Acquisition
  • Fostering an ROI-focused attitude to turn TA into a powerful driver of business success
  • Dan’s biggest learning throughout his TA career

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