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A Big Announcement – Introducing Recruitment Process Intelligence™

Introducing Recruitment Process Intelligence Podcast

In this bonus podcast, we have not one, not two, but 3 huge announcements from Solutions Driven. One of which will completely change the way external recruiters are viewed by hiring teams.

So what’s the big news then?

Well, it’s called Recruitment Process Intelligence™ – which guarantees hiring teams delivery of the right hire, first time, every time.

Listen in as our CEO Gavin Speirs and Head of Marketing Robert Gillespie have a conversation about our new category – Recruitment Process Intelligence™ and what it means for the recruitment sector.

We discuss:

  • The major shifts that have taken place in the recruitment industry over recent years resulting in changing conversations between hiring teams and external recruiters…
  • The problem with current recruitment models like contingent, retained and RPO…
  • And the lack of accountability and transparency that widely exists within the recruitment world which has to change…

We also spend a little time talking about our new website, messaging and re-brand which has been built to support Recruitment Process Intelligence™.

Enjoy the episode.

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