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Flipping the Script: Navigating the Shift from Candidate Ghosting to Company Ghosting With Beth Kester-Warner

Candidate ghosting has been a persistent challenge for recruiters and hiring teams, leaving companies in the lurch without communication or closure from potential hires.

However, the tide seems to be shifting, as company ghosting becomes increasingly prevalent.

Job seekers are now met with silence from prospective employers, creating frustration and uncertainty in their job search journeys.

How can companies effectively navigate this shift in ghosting behavior to build strong, lasting relationships with candidates?

Beth Kester-Warner, Head of People Operations at Carbon Robotics makes the perfect guest to help us dig deeper into this topic.

With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Beth brings a wealth of knowledge in all things recruiting, HR, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Beth sits down with host Gavin Speirs to explore strategies to bridge the gap between candidates and companies, and…

  • How the evolving trend of company ghosting challenge traditional candidate engagement strategies
  • Turning the tables: the impact of the evolving trend of company ghosting on candidates’ perceptions of an organization’s values and respect
  • Mirror effect: ‘treat as you want to be treated
  • Humanising the process: ensure companies respect the human aspect of every candidate interaction
  • From Ghosting to Gold Standard: navigating the shift and creating a candidate experience that sets their organisations apart

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