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Strategic Shifts in Talent Acquisition: Putting Business and Candidates at the Centre With Amanda Davenport

Talent acquisition is at an inflection point. To drive business growth in today’s constantly changing hiring landscape, TA leaders must align their strategies tightly with company goals while also delivering an exceptional candidate experience.

In this episode, Amanda Davenport shares insights on how TA can achieve both objectives.

With over 15 years in IT, managed services, and SaaS startups, Amanda has proven, hands-on success putting the business and candidate at the center. Heading TA at social impact software firm Submittable during a phase of rapid expansion, Amanda increased hiring output by 100% in 2022 while maintaining recruiting KPIs and now currently serving as Director of Talent Acquisition.

Tune in to learn Amanda’s strategic frameworks for maximizing business impact and candidate engagement in tandem. TA leaders will gather actionable tactics to transform their function into a driver of strategic growth and talent magnetism.

Amanda sits down with Solutions Driven CEO and podcast host, Gavin Speirs, to help us delve into….

  • How TA leaders can effectively align strategies with overall business goals and priorities
  • Key steps TA teams can take to enhance the candidate-centric approach, creating an exceptional candidate experience
  • Balancing business with candidate expectations and preferences
  • Leading successful collaborations between TA and other business functions to improve hiring outcomes
  • The role of data-driven decision-making in optimising both the business impact and candidate engagement within talent acquisition
  • Amanda’s key learnings throughout her career

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