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Relationship Building With a Purpose With Jamie Leonard

Over a month ago, our growth and sales team gathered to attend one of the largest Talent Acquisition Event – RecFest UK 2023. And it’s safe to say that it was a blast!

From pizzas to Ferris wheels to campfires – it definitely isn’t the typical Talent Acquisition event you’d go to.

Our team loved it so much. So much so that we had to invite the Founder and CEO of RecFest and The Recruitment Events Co., Jamie Leonard, to the Hiring Enablement Podcast. Whose brain better to pick at than the mastermind himself, right?

In this episode, we’ll explore why having a purpose in business is an essential foundation. It’s not a luxury but a necessity, helping you navigate through tough times and fostering the innovation needed to overcome obstacles and drive personal relationships.

Tune in as Jamie delves with host Nicki Paterson to discuss…

    • The importance of purpose, framework, and structure in making the right decisions
    • How RecFest went back to in-person events after COVID-19
    • How human/personal connection is a powerful tool in bringing people together
    • How being different can be challenging but rewarding and game-changing
    • Winning a new client from a pizza queue 😉

And more!

Tune in to the podcast:

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