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{Bonus Podcast} How to Guarantee A Successful Embedded Partnership

embedded partnership

In this bonus episode of The Talent Intelligence podcast, we sit down with Solutions Driven CEO Gavin Speirs and Chief Growth Officer Nicki Paterson to discuss all things embedded recruitment.  

On the eve of Solutions Driven launching their new offering, SD Embedded, we look at why embedded is needed in the current market and the significance of this launch’s timing.  

We also look at the authority Solutions Driven – traditionally known as a one-off project or “search” business – has in the embedded space and what they’ll bring to the embedded table. 

Nicki and Gavin dig into the challenges companies are facing and the issues embedded recruitment can solve:  

  • High attrition rates  
  • Companies scaling  
  • Lack of internal resources  
  • And much more… 

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