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Proactive Talent Strategies and Exceptional Candidate Experiences: Guiding TA Leaders to Excellence With Natasha Austin

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, forward-thinking talent acquisition strategies are key for providing positive candidate experiences and building a strong talent pipeline.

Reactive hiring practices often lead to last-minute, stressful searches that leave candidates dissatisfied. In contrast, proactive talent sourcing enables smooth candidate journeys that turn prospects into advocates.

This episode’s guest, Natasha Austin, offers deep talent acquisition expertise spanning recruitment to internal talent acquisition roles in global companies.

As Head of Global Talent Acquisition for the rapid growth brands Kerrygold and Dubliner at Ornua, Natasha applies her extensive experience to scale hiring internationally. She joins host Gavin Speirs to explore:

  • Shifting teams from reactive modes to strategic talent planning that forecasts hiring needs proactively
  • Crafting premium candidate experiences that attract top applicants
  • Collaborating with HR to enable proactive talent networking
  • Staying ahead of talent needs through creative sourcing approaches
  • Harnessing technology to enhance proactive hiring and candidate experience
  • Applying learnings to elevate the strategic impact of talent acquisition

Guiding her global TA team through Ornua’s expansion, Natasha shares actionable advice for elevating recruitment. Tune in to learn how embracing proactive talent strategies and exceptional candidate experiences can empower recruiting leaders to drive business success strategically.

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