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Breaking Barriers: Driving Diversity and Inclusion in Traditionally Non-Diverse Sectors With Andy Pilbeam

Diversity and inclusion remain ongoing challenges in traditionally non-diverse sectors like engineering and manufacturing, now more than ever.

In fact, the European Parliament has recently enacted a law mandating that publicly-traded companies must achieve a minimum of 40 percent representation of women in non-executive director roles or one-third of all director positions by July 2026.

Despite increasing awareness and effort in driving this initiative forward, a lot of businesses continue to suffer from a lack of gender, racial, and ethnic diversity especially in traditionally non-diverse sectors.

So for today’s episode, we’re tackling strategies for making real progress when it comes to bringing underrepresented groups into sectors that have historically lacked diversity.

Sitting down with host Gavin Speirs is seasoned talent acquisition professional, Andy Pilbeam who currently is the EMEAI Talent Acquisition Leader at Ingersoll Rand. Andy shares insights from the front lines of talent acquisition.

Andy started his career recruiting engineers before expanding into facilities, media sales, and even recruiting recruiters. Now he feels he has come full circle, back to recruiting engineers across 18 different countries for Ingersoll Rand .

Tune in as Andy ang Gavin delve into…

  • Steps HR/TA leaders can take to attract diverse talent in industries that have been traditionally non-diverse
  • Overcoming resistance to change and foster a culture of inclusion in sectors where diversity has historically been lacking
  • Best practices HR/TA leaders can draw inspiration from when it comes to diversifying non-diverse sectors
  • Leveraging data and analytics to set diversity goals, track progress, and identify gaps
  • The role of leaders in driving diversity and inclusion and embracing change
  • Andy’s biggest learning throughout his TA career

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