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Building a Hiring Funnel for Potential With Petter Torgersen

Many forward-thinking companies are now looking beyond traditional markers and placing emphasis on what candidates can bring in terms of skills and potential.

This shift not only enriches their talent pool but also enhances diversity in their hires.

In today’s episode of the Hiring Enablement Podcast, we delve into this transformative shift with Petter Torgersen, a seasoned professional in the field of Talent Acquisition with over 20 years of experience.

Petter has worked with global technology and engineering giants, played a pivotal role in staffing at Cisco, and contributed to building TA capabilities at Schneider Electric and AID.

Currently, he serves as the VP Global TA at Alfa Laval, spearheading efforts to enhance TA capabilities globally and invest in technological advancements.

Together with host, Gavin Speirs, Peter talks about…

  • Reshaping the hiring funnel to identify and nurture untapped talent beyond traditional experience and education markers
  • Exploring strategies to enhance potential assessment and reduce selection biases for hiring managers
  • Ensuring the selection process remains equitable while scouting for untapped potential
  • Creating a culture that attracts and effectively onboards top talent
  • Petter’s biggest learning throughout his TA career

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