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Building Hiring Relationships That Drive Hiring Success With Julia Lampe

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, building strong relationships is more important than ever for hiring success. However, many organizations struggle to foster meaningful, long-term connections with candidates and hiring managers.

This prevents them from fully understanding role needs, sourcing great talent, and ensuring a smooth interview process.

In this episode of The Hiring Enablement Podcast, host Julia Lampe dives into the value of cultivating hiring relationships and how they directly impact results. With over 10 years of talent acquisition experience at major companies like Diageo, Julia brings a wealth of knowledge on this timely topic.

Julia sits down with host and Solutions Driven CEO, Gavin Speirs, to help us delve into

  • How the role of hiring managers is evolving, and how can HR/TA leaders can prepare them to stay ahead in the game
  • Strategies to effectively manage candidate/hiring manager expectations throughout the hiring process
  • Fostering collaboration between hiring teams, departments, and external partners to streamline and enhance the recruitment process
  • How HR/TA leaders can incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into their hiring practices
  • How HR/TA leaders can encourage hiring managers to develop and showcase their personal brands to attract and retain talent, recognising we’re not hiring in 2010
  • Julia’s biggest learning throughout her TA career

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