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Unlocking TA: Elevating Retention & Experience Through Hiring Optimisation With Ryan Uhl

With today’s ever-changing and uncertain hiring landscape, organisations need to optimise their talent acquisition process to not just attract talent, but retain it.

Turnover continues to challenge employers even amidst a swing back towards an employer’s market. It’s clear that hiring strategies must evolve to elevate retention.

Our guest Ryan Uhl joins us to discuss how refining the hiring process itself can unlock talent acquisition’s potential to boost retention.

Drawing from his vast HR experience and his current role as Director of Talent Acquisition in a major corporation, Plexus Corp, Ryan provides insights on the connection between optimized hiring and retention.

In this episode, Ryan sits down with Solutions Driven CEO and podcast host, Gavin Speirs, to take us into…

  • How an optimised hiring experience for candidates also pays dividends in employee retention and productivity
  • The role of an engaging candidate journey in positively influencing an organisation’s employer brand
  • Aligning the Employee Value Proposition with the hiring process to create a compelling narrative
  • The role of strategic workforce planning in optimising hiring practices
  • Effective innovative approaches for simultaneously improving retention rates and candidate experience
  • Ryan’s biggest learning throughout his TA career

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