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Great Expectations: Navigating Candidate and Employer Needs During the Hiring Process With John Herzog

Finding and securing top talent is more challenging than ever. Candidates have high expectations for the hiring process while hiring managers strive to efficiently identify the best additions for their teams. Misalignment between these stakeholders can undermine recruitment efforts.

In this episode we’re joined by John Herzog – a seasoned Human Resources professional who has over 10 years of human resources experience specialising in multiple critical areas.

John has had a lifelong passion for understanding people and organisational dynamics. This enthusiasm led him to build a career in the HR space early on. He now serves as VP of HR at Devon Self Storage.

Together with host, Gavin Speirs, John covers…

  • How HR/TA leaders can champion candidate-centric, positive hiring experiences
  • Techniques for fostering hiring manager-recruiter collaboration for cohesive decision-making
  • The importance of frequent, transparent communication in managing expectations
  • Showcasing company culture and work-life realistically to inform candidate decisions
  • Ensuring hiring manager responsiveness to maintain candidate engagement
  • Key learnings and advice for HR peers on making the hiring process work for all parties

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