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Elevating Talent Acquisition: Leyton’s Journey to Transform TA and Drive Gender Equality With Nicola Plenderleith

Too often, the narrative on equality focuses on problems without solutions. But global consulting firm Leyton proves another reality is possible through transforming talent acquisition and driving strategic talent management centered on inclusion. 

Leyton is an international consulting firm that simplifies access to complex financial incentives for business growth and performance. 

They know driving gender equality is not only a moral imperative but also a key competitive advantage. As numerous studies show, diverse leadership and inclusive cultures drive innovation, strengthen decision-making, and improve financial performance. 

Leyton sets an example for companies to not only “lean in” but create workplaces where all representations can rise without limits – ultimately benefiting organizational performance. 

But how exactly do you do that? 

Who better answer that question than the person who champions this initiative at Leyton? 

Nicola Plenderleith, Head of Talent Acquisition at Leyton, joins host Gavin Speirs on this episode of The Hiring Enablement Podcast. Together, they discuss… 

  • How Leyton successfully repaired its employer brand through pivotal strategies · Insights into Leyton’s cost reduction efforts while improving quality of hire 
  • Leyton’s innovative social media approach with platforms like TikTok to expand talent reach 
  • Strategies implemented to drive a remarkable increase in employee referrals, boosting engagement and retention 
  • Leyton’s inspiring commitment to gender equality initiatives, including a partnership with the UN Target Gender Equality program 
  • Nicola’s biggest career learnings and advice she would share with peers 

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