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{Bonus Podcast} Widening The Conversation Around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Salma El-Wardany

diversity equity and inclusion

In this bonus episode of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, we catch up with Solutions Driven’s new Chief Diversity Officer, Salma El-Wardany to talk about our recent Diversity Promise & Pledge announcement and how we plan to bring that to life to benefit our employees, clients and peers.

The reason we started the Diversity Promise & Pledge is because we believe there is a strong amount of power in stating your intentions and putting it out there so you can be held accountable to those intentions. It’s very much about saying this is what we promised internally, this is what we’re going to do with our own employees, and this is also what we’re going to do externally with our clients and within our networks. We’re telling this to you because we want you to know and we want you to come with us on this journey.

Our Chief Diversity Officer also stressed that it’s going to change. We’re going to be making new promises every year, and we’re going to promise to do better every year. This is a continuous journey and Solutions Driven is continuously striving to be better as we go along on this journey.

Be sure to tune in to this episode to learn more.

Learn more about Solution Driven’s Diversity Pledge and Promise here

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