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{Bonus Podcast} Candidate Care with Walter Speirs

candidate care

For this bonus episode of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, we invited on the man who kicked it all off; Walter Speirs, COO and Founder of Solutions Driven.

The topic? Candidate care.

Because, when Walter founded Solutions Driven 24 years ago, he did so thinking of the candidate. While we don’t collect CVs or work on behalf of prospective employees, we believe treating them well is why we’re still going two decades on.

Throughout his time at Solutions Driven, Walter has been instrumental in ensuring candidates’ welfare is continually thought of, developing the 6F methodology to guarantee the right fit, for the right role, first time, every time. He’s spearheaded the idea that recruiters shouldn’t fill roles with “almost right” people, but should use data and intelligence to get prospects who will stick around and do a great job.

We sat down with Walter and looked at:

  • Why candidate care is so important to businesses
  • What happens if you don’t practice candidate care
  • Why we don’t just fill roles with the first people that come along
  • How to translate a great recruitment process into your online Candidate Value Proposition
  • And why indiscriminately sending CVs to companies is like “throwing jelly at the wall”

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