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How to Hire Like a Salesperson, and Why Your Pitch is Ineffective With Challenger™’s Jen Allen

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Have you ever walked up to a stranger at a party and said “hey, I’m Freddy/Mary/Jim/Anne. I’m a really fast runner, I’m the world’s best baker, and I am brilliant at recruiting”?  

That would be weird, right?

So why do we do it in our outreach?  

Whether you’re a recruiter engaging candidates, a salesperson prospecting, or a party guest trying to make friends, most people don’t care about your “pitch”.  

Or at least, that’s what With Challenger™’s Jen Allen proposes in the latest episode of the Talent Intelligence Podcast.  

Challenger is a global leader in training, technology, and consulting to win today’s complex sale. They unconventional thinking to unlock growth and enable customer experience – so Jen knows what she’s talking about.  

In this episode of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, Jen challenges widely-held conceptions about outreach and discusses:  

  • Why she’s been with the same company for 18 years  
  • How to tap into candidate motivations  
  • Thinking outside the box when it comes to “selling” in recruitment  
  • Why there’s no such thing as a “sales expert”  
  • And much much more…  

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