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Mindset, Attitude, and Becoming Really Great at What You’re Good at With Andrew Sillitoe

How do you go from a rollerdisco to being a top sports coach? 

Is attitude more important than talent? 

How do you get comfortable with being uncomfortable? 

In episode 25 of The Talent Intelligence Podcast, Alan McFadden sits down with Andrew Sillitoe, performance psychologist, speaker, and founder of multiple businesses to discuss the psychology behind being a top performer. 

Andrew is a great believer in finding the thing you’re good at, and getting really great at it. Rather than focus on weaknesses, Andrew teaches that honing in on your main skills is the best way to success. 

Find out how Andrew’s dad’s passing changed his mindset and how he uses his own techniques to coach sports people, sales teams, and recruiters to be the best at what they’re good at.  

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