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Why a Great Coaching Process is More Important Than Hiring For Ability With Ethan Parker

From selling cutlery door to door at 17 years old to enterprise B2B, Ethan Parker has sold it all.  

Now VP of Sales at Outbound Squad, there’s little he doesn’t know about prospecting and closing.  

Or coaching.  

Because Ethan doesn’t keep his insights to himself. He’s an outbound sales coach and trainer for B2B reps and sales teams, trains his own internal team, and appears on podcasts like ours’ to discuss his sales coaching philosophy.  

Listen as Ethan joins host Alan McFadden on episode 26 of The Talent Intelligence Podcast to discuss:  

  • Hiring people with the right attitude and skills  
  • Why hiring the right people won’t work without a proper process  
  • How to build consistency  
  • The importance of KPIs (and why some are pointless)  
  • And much more  

From what tech a sales team needs to why companies buy too early, Ethan has insights into every part of the hiring and sales process. He even gives us some insights into what he would tell his younger self if only he could time travel.  

Listen to the podcast:

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