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How Sprint Recruiting Helps Talent Leaders Say No And Prioritise What’s Important in Their Pipeline – With Trent Cotton

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From banking, to HR, to talent, to retention, to author – there’s very little Trent Cotton can’t do.  

The Senior Global Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention and author of multiple business books got into the talent sphere after realising he could recruit better than his recruiters.  

And after attending a seminar on AGILE methodology, he came to the conclusion that his human-first recruitment philosophy could be improved further. Through putting sprints (a short, time-boxed period when a team works to complete a set amount of work) into his process, Trent improved metrics across his whole talent team and instilled a framework for success.  

On episode 20 of the Talent Intelligence Podcast, we sat down with Trent to discuss:  

  • How sprint recruiting has transformed how he works (and how he works out ????????)  
  • The value of saying no in hiring  
  • What he hates about HR and how he’s worked to change it  
  • Setting his team up for success  
  • And much much more  

With a variety of stories and anecdotes, Trent’s tale of sprint success is a fascinating one.  

Listen as he discusses his current career and his upcoming book. 

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