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The 9 Biggest Mistakes Candidates Are Making When Applying For Jobs Right Now (and how to avoid them)

In this bonus episode of The Talent Intelligence Podcast Robert caught up with Gavin to review a recent Forbes article where 20 recruiters shared the 9 mistakes job seekers are making amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

I think we can all agree, the last few months has seen a significant impact on people’s careers.

From temporary furloughs to hiring freezes, or job offers being withdrawn to the unfortunate layoffs – there’s been massive upheaval across all industries and roles.

For many recruiters though, the screening and hiring of candidates has continued. Just look at the booming e-commerce industry right now.

But are candidates adapting to all of this change? Are they still relying on the ‘old way’ of applying for jobs? Do they need to be more assertive and creative to stand out in what’s become an employer’s market?

All of this and much more is discussed in this latest episode, including some thoughts on how candidates can avoid these mistakes and crush their next interview.

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